Consultation and reproduction of documents

The National Archives of Cambodia (NAC) offers researchers the possibility to obtain reproductions of documents and photographs if the documents??? condition allows copying or scanning without damage. There is an inexpensive photocopying service available (200 Riel/5 cents per page) as well as an A3 scanner to produce digital copies of documents and photographs. All reproductions are made by NAC staff against a fee towards the cost of production. This ensures that unique and irreplaceable records are copied carefully by trained staff and that the order or sequence of papers is not disturbed. Researchers are not allowed to bring and use their own scanners, cameras or other reproduction equipment unless permission has previously been obtained from NAC staff.

Researchers will be required to fill in a form in which they declare to use any reproductions only for scientific or private purposes. Any publication or commercial use of photographs or documents from the NAC is only permitted if prior permission has been obtained from the NAC. In the case of collections that have been acquired by the NAC from other sources, researchers may in addition have to seek permission from the original copyright holders for any use other than private research.

For institutional customers who require reproductions of complete series of documents for their own holdings, the NAC offers the services of its microfilm laboratory as part of cooperation projects. Contact us??for inquiries regarding this service.