The Fonds of the Resident Superior (1863-1954)

These records cover the French colonial period from 1863 to 1954. It is by far the largest and most complete collection of the NAC covering some 900 linear meters of shelving and contains records from all the various services of the French administration, from the commune level up to the national level. The colonial records have for the most part been reclassified and their titles entered into a database. Some 40,000 records are currently accessible and the file titles searchable on database.

Our colonial holdings are organized according to the classification system established by Paul Boudet, which is also in use in archives in Vietnam and France. If you are not familiar with the Boudet Classification System, we recommend you read through an introduction to this classification system before accessing the catalogue.

Size of collection: 38,313 files, c.900 linear meters of documents.
Finding aids: Database, searchable by title word or category according to the Boudet System