Our Holdings

royal letter khmerThe records in our collection trace the events and decisions that shaped Cambodian state and society since the 19th century. We hold documents produced or collected by the French colonial and the Cambodian governments since independence from the national down to the communal level, covering almost any imaginable subject over a period of one-and-half centuries, preserved in tens of thousands of records on 1800 linear meters of shelving.

While most records in our collections are files, we also have significant holdings of newspapers and magazines, photographs, posters, maps, architectural drawings as well as a comprehensive reference library.

Our holdings are a rich resource for the study of Cambodian history, Cambodian society and the communities who lived here in the past as well as today and is accessible to all. We welcome enquiries and visitors to our reading rooms, and provide a range of databases, printed catalogues and leaflets to assist.

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