The Collection of Official Journals and Administrative Bulletins

sisowathThe French administration of Cambodia regularly published official journals that reassemble in chronological order laws, decrees, decisions, appointments etc., i.e. all the official acts of the colonial administration. In these journals, researchers can find information regarding the government of metropolitan France, the government of French Indochina as well as the territories of the Indochinese Union, including Cambodia. The journals include:

In French:

Journal Officiel de l???Indochine 1896-1951
Journal Officiel du Cambodge 1945-1972
Journal Officiel de la R??publique fran??aise 1920-1938
Bulletin Officiel de l???Indochine 1899-1933
Bulletin officiel du Minist??re des Colonies 1898-1928
Bulletin officiel du Cambodge 1902-1949
Lists of laws and penal codes of Cambodia
Repertories, as well as economic and judicial bulletins

In Khmer:

Reach Kech (Journal officiel) 1911-1972
Many of the journals and bulletins have been repaired, but some remain in fragile condition. The staff of the NAC can only allow researchers to consult a particular volume if its condition permits.

Size of collection: 306 linear meters
Finding aids: Printed lists of available issues and searchable database. Since official journals are arranged in chronological order, searches have to be conducted according to date. Several colonial repertories (recueil) of laws and decrees form part of the Documentation Fonds, which give access to relevant government decisions according to subject, which can then, in turn, be looked up in the respective Official Journals.