The National Archives of Cambodia

The National Archives of Cambodia (NAC) is a Government institution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and placed under the Council of Ministers. It is responsible for preserving documents created by the NAC front viewgovernment administration, which possess enduring legal and historic value, and for making them available for present and future generations to use. The records in our collection trace the events and decisions that shaped Cambodian state and society since the 19th century. We hold documents produced or collected by the French colonial and the Cambodian governments since independence from the national down to the communal level, covering almost any imaginable subject over a period of one-and-half centuries, preserved in tens of thousands of records on 1800 linear meters of shelving. The NAC is a public institution open to anyone interested in Cambodia’s past and welcomes students, academic researchers, government staff and members of the general public to consult its rich holdings.


The NAC catalogue now available online: Welcome to the NAC's redesigned website, which newly allows searching some of its catalogues online. Thanks to a grant by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangkok, the NAC were able to migrate electronic databases of some of the main collections to a web-based format and include them on this site. Click here to access our new catalogue.


New collections acquired by the NAC: Beyond managing government records, the NAC also seeks to acquire and preserve select private archives on Cambodian history where they can usefully complement the NAC's existing holdings. In this context, the extensive archive and photographic collection of the late Charles Meyer, a former advisor to HRH Norodom Sihanouk in the 1950s and 1960s, has recently been added to the NAC's collections. Click here to learn more about this unique collection.